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Lost Talent

Jimi Hendrix
Musician, Age 27, Pills

Judy Garland
Actress/Singer, Age 47, Barbiturate

Jason Starling
Age 17, Cocaine, Valium & Opiates

Tracey Sloane Sheridan
Age 35, Xanax, OxyContin & Cocaine

Todd Clayton Brewer
Age 19, Methadone

Sara Corbett
Age 16, Methadone

Carl Hennon
Age 18, Fentanyl & DXM

Brett Matthew Tozzo
Age 22, Pain Pills

Dana Plato
Actress, Age 34, Painkillers & Suicide

Joshua J. Payne
Age 22, Xanax, Morphine & Opiates

Junior Jesus Curbelo
Age 22, Marijuana & Prescription Drugs

Karla-Rae Delita Kiggen
Age 19, Pills & Alcohol

Larry Howard Benis
Age 19, Methadone & Xanax

Mark Daniel Bauer
Age 18, Morphine & Oxycodone

Ryan Haight
Age 18, Prescription Drugs

Jason Surks
Age 19, Prescription Drugs

Taylor Hooton
Age 17, Steroids & Suicide

Rob Garibaldi
Age 24, Steroids & Suicide

Steven Carey
Age 25, OxyContin & Xanax

Edward Anthony Cappiello
Age 22, Xanax

Jerry Trowbridge
Age 21, Xanax

Mark DeMarrero
Age 19, Marijuana & Xanax

Ephraim David Schultz
Age 21, Opiates & Methadone

Patrick M. Stewart
Age 24, OxyContin

Charles Ryan Untz
Age 19, Pills & Alcohol

Michael Houston
Age 17, Methadone

Shanon Hungerford
Age 21, Methadone & Zoloft

Efrain Marrero
Age 19, Steroids & Suicide

John Stewart Towns
Age 30, Xanax, GHB & Cocaine

Jared Dever
Age 26, Oxycodone

Richard Hacker
Age 36, Fentanyl

Brandon Lee Hardesty
Age 27, Methadone

Brian Elero
Age 20, Prescription Drugs & Suicide

Chris Johnson
Age 32, OxyContin

Clayton Forstrom
Age 17, Fentanyl

Robert Magee
Age 49, Prescription Painkillers & Heroin

Cindy M.
Age 41, Fentanyl, OxyContin, Alcohol

Daniel Katz
Age 25, OxyContin

Keith Moon
Drummer, Age 32, Clomethiazole

Anna Nicole Smith
TV Personality, Age 39, Prescription & OTC drug intoxication

Chris Benoit
Wrestler, Age 40, Xanax, Hydrocodone, Steroids, Suicide

Dinah Washington
Singer, Age 29, Diet pills & Alcohol

Russell “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” Tyrone Jones
Rapper, Age 35, Cocaine & Tramadol

Elvis Presley
Singer/Actor, Age 42, Prescription Drugs

Howard Hughes
Industrialist/Film Producer, Age 70, Codeine & Kidney failure

Freddie Prinze
Actor, Age 22, Quaaludes

Jason Oerter
Age 21, Heroin & Zanax

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Explore the rise of patent medicine industry from the late 1800s through to modern day prescription drugs.

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History of Prescription Drugs

Explore the revolution in therapeutics during the past 120 years. Medicines have been discovered to cure disease and to relieve pain.

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The Science of Drugs
Medicine and the body

Explore the many substances found to have wonderful healing and pain-relieving properties, but also many that could cause harm if used incorrectly.

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The Controlled Distribution System
Image of DEA agents on a drug bust

Explore the various laws and regulations have been passed by the federal and state governments to regulate and control the manufacture, distribution and dispensing of medicines.
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Prescription Fraud
Prescription Drugs found on a drug bust

Explore the laws put in place in response to growing abuse and addiction problems with controlled substances.

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Diversion of Chemicals
Diversion of Chemicals

Explores the clandestine production of drugs, which is dependent on the availability of chemicals necessary to produce the illicit drug activity.

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Pain Management
Pain Management

Explores the critical balance between promoting pain relief and preventing the diversion and abuse of powerful prescription drugs.

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Lost Talent
Lost Talent

Explore individuals lost to prescription drug abuse and related drug violence.

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Discovery Corner
Discovery Corner

Explore the resources in the Discovery Corner to learn more about prescription drugs.

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